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To serve as a valued and trustworthy source of information for log and rustic furniture and decor online resources.

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This Log & Rustic Furniture Directory™ is an all-inclusive index of log furniture, twig (stick, willow & bentwood), Adirondack, barn wood, cowboy, southwestern and Mexican style decor.  Discover companies and rustic furniture makers from across the United States and Canada.  If you are searching for log beds or tables, lodge-style or any type of log home fittings, rustic lighting or antler lighting products... you will find it here! And, be sure to visit the Log Blog.

Black Forest Decor
Who are we?
Geeks with a spokeshave and drawknife

The Log & Rustic Furniture directory was developed and is maintained by The Webunet Group, one of the oldest small business Internet consulting companies - doing business online since 1995.  We have been involved with the Internet since co-founding one of America's first ISPs in Dallas, TX in 1993.  However, our interest and hands-on experience making furniture has been ongoing for decades.

 If you are a DIY type, be sure to see our furniture making tools.  To learn more about the "LogMan" behind this directory... click here.

Why we created this directory

Because an over-crowded forest was hiding incredible trees

Most rustic furniture makers are small businesses who spend their time creating works of art, not developing high-traffic, bleeding-edge websites.  Consequently, most of those sites don't position well in searchs and can be difficult to locate.  A search engine query for "log furniture" produces a mind-numbing forty-plus million disorganized results - and that's on a good day.  You are as likely to find information on tree farming, "server logs" and blogs as to find a special log furniture company in Little Rock, AR.

Log and rustic furniture is more popular today than ever before! And we take our job quite seriously.  The directory staff continues to sift through the chaos of the Internet and produce a wide-ranging list of companies and individuals involved in the creation of all categories of rustic and log furnishings. We think you'll be pleased with our index of companies.  If you know of a website we've missed, or want to have your site included, please email us here

Every website listed in these pages has been reviewed by an editor verifying relevant subject matter.  FYI... we reject more sites than we approve. Our directories are human-edited, content-rich guides of rustic decor sources. 

Your Search by keyword or phrase for quality rustic furniture is over!

Nature made...

Rustic furnishings literally spring from the earth.  Although most fine furniture is constructed from wood, only log and rustic designs preserve the natural shape and texture of the wood.  Rustic furniture reveals and upholds the organic beauty of wood's distinctive character, exposing knots, bold grain and utilizing natural "abnormalities" like diseases and unique growth damage that typically creates extraordinary natural patterns and designs.

Rustic terminology

"Rustic" is a wide-ranging term that corresponds to almost any type of furniture or decorating style from the past.  It also tends to include finishing techniques and construction materials.  The term "rustic" covers furniture created from logs and twigs to pliable willow, thick wood slabs and even deer antlers

Regional motifs such as Southwest rustic (cowboy rustic. Texas or Mexican rustic) often incorporates metalwork like wrought iron, or utilizes non-related items such as wagon wheels or feed troughs to produce furniture and decorative pieces.  Read a brief history of rustic furniture (lite version).

You are about to meet old-world craftsman who peel their logs by hand, carve intricate designs and meticulously hand polish their creations to preserve them for generations to come.  The feel of a hand made rustic pine chair or table is an exhilarating experience.  Discover rustic and log furniture for yourself, browse our site to find that special one-of-a-kind piece that was created just for you. 

If you discover a term or phrase that is not familiar to you, be sure to reference our new glossary, Loghomeology.

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